Our WiFi network connects to the Internet through multiple fibre optic lines providing ample bandwidth. The WiFi network is freely accessible for each guest from each room of each flat.

Each guest is provided with a WiFi access code at check-in. Each code allows a device (phone, tablet, computer…) to connect to the network for the duration of the stay.

Once the device is connected, the code cannot be reused with another device.

ConnectionScreen Shot 2016-03-14 at 19.49.55
  • Choose CONCORDE.ES WiFi network on your device.
  • Enter your code and click “OK”.


  • If your device doesn’t ask you for a code straight away upon connecting to CONCORDE.ES, you must launch a network browser and navigate to one of your favourite pages. At this point the system should ask you to enter your access code.
  • The intensity of the WiFi signal may vary due to interferences and other users’ bandwidth usage. If you experience difficulties with your WiFi connection, please contact reception.

Abusive usage (viral infection, network scanning, spam relay, P2P,…) may lead to limitation or suspension of access.