Reception / help desk

Reception office hours:

Our office is open seven days a week:
Monday to Saturday: 9h to 14h and 15h to 20h
Sundays and holidays: 10h to 13h


Call +34 965 16 24 22
Check-in check-out time:
  • Check-in is by default between 15h and 20h.
  • If you arrive before 14h (as the office is closed between 14h and 15h) and your flat is ready, you will be able to check-in earlier.
  • If you arrive earlier than 14h and your flat is not ready, you will be able to leave your things in the office and/or entre your car into the parking until your flat is ready.
  • Any arrival after 20h should be pre-planned as the office will otherwise be closed. Please check this link for late check-in details.
  • In any case, please inform reception in advance of your expected arrival time.
  • Check-out is between 9h and 11h.


Check-in process

Upon your arrival at Concorde:

  1. Please go to our reception office located just next to Concorde’s entrance.
  2. Someone from the office will show you your flat and give you all the relevant information for your stay.
  3. Once you have checked the flat, you will come back to the office to do the paperwork: full payment and ID registration of all guests older than 16.
  4. Your receive your invoice and proof of payment, keys to your flat and WiFi codes.


Other important information

During your stay our team will be available to assist you on the following matters:

  • Maintenance.
  • Tourism information.
  • Dining out, car rentals, health services, etc.